Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wrath of GUS: East Village Boys

We love this editorial that we found on East Village Boys ( -- thought we would share it with the Boy Scout Viewers:

The Wrath of Gus
Photography by Heami Lee
Styling and Art Direction by John D. Stefanick
Text excerpted from a story by John D. Stefanick

For a tattoo that seemed to be a leftover memento from a drunken night, it had relevance. Constantine Lagoon explained, “It is the medieval alchemical symbol for sulfur, also known as brimstone. It has to do with the soul, the destroyer aspect of the goddess, the wrath of God and purification through fire. It’s one of the 3 heavenly substances in alchemy. Sulfur represents the dark, wet, hot smelly aspect of life that is necessary to bring out the gold of the individual. I got it when I was 18 to represent how I burn for my passion. Of course, mine is purple and dripping.”

During our first outing I learned that he is of Greek decent and spent his childhood in Queens, New York. Constantine has taken on an alter-ego of sorts that goes by the name ‘Gus’. The nickname has fueled his creative side allowing him to push the envelope a bit further in the presentation of his art. His given name in Greek is Kostandinos which sounds like Gustandinos, hence, Gus.

Paintings by Constantine Lagoon (Gus), and more photographs from this shoot by Heami Lee,will be exhibited at Niagara, 112 Avenue A, beginning Monday June 22nd, 7-9PM.